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The Challenge: Eat Home Cooked Meals for 30 Days



What(tha)? Why? How? 

Yes, it is as crazy and as hard as it sounds. But, damn, it is worth it. By accepting this invitation, you will join other folks committed to getting reconnected to the source. You will join the revolution to reconnect. We're talking about reigniting a live analog connection -- connection with your food, with your home, with your community. 

This challenge is meant to inspire, not make misery, so bite off what you can be successful with. And remember, there are no mistakes, only room to grow. 

Here are the basics:

- This is a 30-day pledge to eat 1, 2, or all meals from home every day (your home or someone else's)

- Rally your friends to do it too! That way, you can commiserate with them, share secrets, share life, have each other over for dinner and help each other with dishes.

- The rewards? You'll save money, appreciate your people and deepen your connections and your relationship with food. 

- By officially signing up to join us (see below) you will also be part of the more intimate challenge support group where we share in-depth weekly recipes, stories, videos, and offer challenge rewards. 

Start date : any day  /  End date : 30 days later

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30 at Home is a project of Waking Giants.


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Our Village is Rad.

Martha Pincoffs and Jo Walski started this crazy thing 8 years ago when they did it for a whole year, with food raised almost exclusively in Texas. They revisit it every January and invite you to do the same. They are have two kids and are committed to a Level 3, with a sushi lunch exception for Jo. Martha is dreading the dishes. 

Addie Broyles is our up for anything food boss at the Statesman. This will be her fourth year doing the challenge. Addie is the mom of two and is using this month at home to dominate meal planning. 

Stephanie Scherzer did her first challenge last year. She is a farmer, mom, and founder of Farmhouse Delivery. Steph and her family are pledging a Level 3 and are nervous about balancing business, family, and farming!  

Kate Payne of Hip Girls Guide fame has been advocating the hanging at home lifestyle for years and we hear her! She makes some of the best ferments around and has a wife and one little that are going to rock this challenge. 

Hannah Casperian is a lover and evangelist for the healthy foods and can bake to make you weep. She is excited about the forced creativity of the challenge while she works on plans for her soon to open East Austin bakeshop and cafe. 

Tarica Navarro prepped 60 meals for her family while she was expecting her second kiddo! She is the vision that brings us Kettle & Brine, or as I think of it, I'll have one of everything.  

Rachel Johnson, of Stupid Good Rachel, acclaim is radically lowering our median age and adding great perspective with a bomb background in the food biz. She is going to keep us on our toes! 

Chrislyn Lawrence is the dream chaser in our group. She is going to show us what's what by doing this challenge in her newly renovated (cute af) Avion (Frida), from the road and parked on a farm. More on her in this cosmic passage.       


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"This is the power of gathering: it inspires us, delightfully, to be more joyful, more thoughtful: in a word, more alive."

— Alice Waters