Meal Planning Hack



Getting organized is one of the most daunting parts of this challenge for me. And, like doing the crossword in ink, I don't want to mess up my meal plan, so I hacked it. Inspired by a filmmaker friend of mine, I have used sticky notes so if we don't feel like tacos on Tuesday it doesn't eff the whole thing up and I can just move that sticky to Wednesday. It's the little wins, y'all! Here's a pick of my layout and a link to an amazon cart with everything you need for this.

Step 1: Label the big post-it with space for a date and days of the week

Step 2: Place it in the kitchen, mine is right next to my stove, so it keeps me honest. 

Step 3: I always start with nights we have plans and fill in regular dinners, like Taco Tuesday (thank you, Lego Movie)

Step 4: Add your grocery list and keep a running tab of what you need for the week and just take it to the store with you. 

Then, have fun with it. We get the kids involved so they feel some ownership in what is for dinner and eat more adventurously. 

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