5 Things to Inspire, MP Recommends

As we close in on the final week before the challenge kicks off, I find myself looking around for inspiration. Things to deepen the experience of knowing everything about my food for 30 days. 

1. Chef's Table on Netflix, Jeong Kung's episode. I watched this one last night and haven't stopped thinking about her approach to food and care taken in feeding people. She reminds me of the spirit that is in our food, in our preparation and in our service. When you think about it, feeding people really is a holy act. The entire Chef's Table library is aspirational and when I watch it at night, I wake up ready to create. I love it. 

2. Season one million of Top Chef on Bravo. This time they are in Colorado and I can't watch without getting hungry. We let the episodes pile up so we can binge on them. 

3. Marie Saba on Instagram. She is funny and sweet and her feed is utterly delightful, full of food art and pies and killer, simple recipes. 

4. Feed The Resistance by Julia Turshen. It is smart, inspired and relevant right now. 

5. Civil Eats, the website. This is where I can let my food nerd hair all the way down. They talk about policy and justice and I can count on it to open something in my mind every time I go there. 

image from Chef's Table on Netflix

image from Chef's Table on Netflix