10 Things I Learned In a Year of Cooking at Home

1. Good refried beans require a whole lot of lard. 

2. Speakers in the kitchen are worth the money and space. 

3. Every vegetable is delicious roasted. 425 degree oven + veggies + salt + pepper + olive oil and about 25 minutes. 

4. Meal swaps should happen all of the time. 

5. Put an egg on it. 

6. Rice + veggies + sauce + egg (see above) is good for all meals. 

7. Well-made stock cures more than a cold. 

8. Good bread goes bad fast, which means more bread pudding or strata!  https://notthatmartha.wordpress.com/2010/11/03/bacon-and-arugula-bread-pudding/ 

9. I would rather wait a year to eat fried food than to cook it. 

10. Marry the person who will do this with you and make it fun.