You Got This!

Alright, we are here! Our black-eyed peas are cooking and I am about to dig into my meal plan for the week. We just talked through our intentions for this 30 days and I put up a rough meal plan for the week. Intention setting is a big part of keeping my motivation strong. Here is what is driving Jo and I this year. 

Jo's Intentions: 

-eat more healthful food

-less food waste

Martha's Intentions:

-bring the kids into meal planning

-less waste/better planning

-make eating at home social

I would love to know what is driving you all to take this challenge on! Drop us a line here or join us on Instagram and follow along. We are rooting for you and grateful to be part of a community of people that do hard things for good reasons. I hope that 2018 brings you growth, joy, and connection. We are off to a great start!