A Year Of Challenges

Well guys, we are almost there on 30 at home. I can smell dinner tonight cooking in the crock pot right now, and am excited about smash burgers with caramelized onions, mushrooms and swiss for dinner tomorrow night. Our biggest victories from the month are a lot less waste, a new family staple (see burger below), cooking with our 6 year old son, and our 4 year old daughter added broccoli to her very short list of approved foods. And, we are excitedly anticipating our next meal out. 

Jo and I were talking last night about what we have noticed in the challenge and we have not had quite enough of the challenges for this year. We have gotten so much out of our 30 days of eating at home, that we have decided to try something new each month of 2018. What I love about a challenge is that it brings these relationships with things or people or devices into focus in a way that allows us to ditch what isn't working and keep what works well. 

Some of the biggest and best changes in my life have come from bringing something into focus for 30 days. 6 years ago, I gave up drinking for 30 days and I have never gone back to it. What I realized in the absence of alcohol, was how much it dragged me down and I don't have the energy for that in my life. So, I have kept that one for well over 2,000 days now and have only seen an upside to it. I have more energy, lost weight, and am never not once hungover and that is awesome. I also have to deal with the full pain or frustration of situations as they come and there is a ton of freedom in that. What I didn't realize until I stopped (to paraphrase Brene Brown) we can't selectively numb the bad stuff. So when I got my full, un-numbed lows back, I got my full, un-numbed highs back too. 

Right now I can tell that I am out of balance in my relationship with media, so that is on the chopping block for me in February. I am going to allow myself the blog as an outlet, but otherwise, I am taking my time back from the vortex that media can be for me. I would love for you all to join any and all of these. I'll keep this blog going and will still post recipes every week, because I love doing that. I am aiming to have each of the added commitments hit around 20 minutes of daily practice. Most of these things I do every once in a while, but I want to see what happens when the focus is put there every day. Here is a rough outline of what we are looking at.

JANUARY- 30 at Home (all meals home cooked) 

FEBRUARY- Media cleanse (no social media, limit news consumption to Sunday paper and NPR when I am driving.)

MARCH- Walk or skateboard outside. Everyday, walk outside or skateboard. Remember it was fun to walk in the rain when we were kids and it can be again!  

APRIL- Meditation. Shooting for each morning before the kids get up. 

MAY- Daily art. I will likely sketch or doodle. 

JUNE- Snail mail. Send a post card or handwritten note to someone every day. 

JULY- No shopping, other than food. 

AUGUST- Body in water. Swim every day, not always for exercise. Take that August heat head on.  

SEPTEMBER- 20 minutes of reading 

OCTOBER- 20 minutes of writing

NOVEMBER- 20 minutes with gratitude

DECEMBER- Yoga. I am thinking this will be grounding for the holiday crazy time. 

Martha Pincoffs