Cook 'n Howl: Whole Bird

I get a lot of satisfaction out of using a whole chicken. Starting with a whole bird, breaking it down for pieces to roast, fat to render, and the rest for stock. It makes me feel boss and accomplished and helps me justify spending more on a bird. We decided to put all of this in a video for anyone interested in doing the same. The link to the video is below. We hope you enjoy it! 

The key take aways are as follows: 

1. Start with a high quality chicken. The more freedom they have to move around outside and forage, the better they taste. Look for pasture-raised. 

2. Roast the chicken hot, 450 does it for me. This will give you crisp skin and juicy meat. Time will depend on how big the bird is. 

3. Be generous with some good sea salt. Salt for volume, not surface area. 

4. Add any veggies whole or trimmings into the stock. 

5. Herbs are your friend, add them to stock. 

6. Let the stock cool on your counter for an hour or so before you put it in the fridge, stir it a few times to cool it quicker. 

7. To freeze stock, a Ziplock bag works well and lays flat in the freezer. 

Martha Pincoffs