Soccer Sando

Tomorrow is one of those days where we have the kind of schedule where we would normally grab something to eat between back to back birthday parties. To stay true to 30 at Home, though, requires a little advanced planning. When River was playing soccer after school, I would always bring a big french bread sandwich for practice nights. It is the vehicle that can accommodate the food preferences of all four of us. River (7) will have nothing to do with cheese and Townes (5) declared herself a vegetarian a year and a half ago at the meat counter at our grocery store, and Jo and I require both meat and cheese for a good sandwich experience. River wants ketchup and mustard on all bread, Jo and I are mustard only, and Townes is dry. So, the soccer sando was born. It is kind of like assembling a puzzle and keeps everyone happy. Tomorrow between birthday parties, this sucker will keep us on track. Johnson’s Backyard Garden literally has the best carrots I have ever had in my life and they are in season now, so I’ll bring a bag of those on the side.

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How are you all doing on the challenge? Having fun? What is working, what isn’t? Any questions for me?

Thanks for being a part of it!

Have a great weekend,


Martha Pincoffs